Changing Room Development Project

Dear All

I am sending this to update you all as to where we now stand with the Building Funds Project necessary to carry out the essential work required to the drainage of the Ath, plus new dressing rooms and work required on the kitchen area.

We have been in extensive Consultation with the RFU who are apparently very keen that we proceed with this Project as soon as possible so that it can all be completed this coming summer.

To that end the RFU has now encouraged us to make two applications to them for funding this summer.

One of the applications is for a Grant of £100k and the other is for an interest free loan of £100k, repayable over 15 years.

The RFU have strongly indicated to us that upon acceptance of the applications the monies for both funds would be made immediately available.

The Applications will be with the RFU upon the completion of the forms in the next few days.

In addition, we have now received donations of £33,055 together with further pledges of £18,250 (huge thanks to all those who have made those donations and pledges!)

These donations have come from approximately ten percent of the Members and Friends of The Athplus former and current players and Sponsors. Thanks also to the players for arranging a Race Night on 23 March- all are invited and very welcome!

Why are the RFU so minded to help us so generously? That is because they are particularly supportive of our Club’s inclusivity and our welcoming of Rugby Players from elsewhere, including Bedford Junior Blues, Northampton Academy, Queens, Bedford Tigers, Ouse Valley and various schools, amongst others.

As an excellent example of how our Club is now viewed by the RFU it will now be our honour to host the England v Wales Women’s deaf teams International on 28th April. All are, of course, welcome.

So where are we currently with financing the major project which lies before us this summer?

The total figure, excluding VAT which can be reclaimed, amounts to an eye-watering £534k.

As stated earlier the RFU have indicated they will make £200k available, which with the donations and pledges now made would give us approximately £251k.

We are therefore some way short.

We are hopeful that significant sums can be raised through donations from long-term friends of The Ath who have been generous to The Ath in the past and who are waiting in the wings watching the development of this project. 

However, entirely understandably they also wish to see that the funding of this major project is significantly assisted by our Club Members and frankly more so than has been the case up to date.

We have an opportunity to now make Bedford Athletic Rugby Club the pre-eminent Junior Rugby Club in the East Midlands and to have a Club House fit for purpose.

It would seem a shame to waste it.

My phone number is 07554 455942

Our Chairman Trevor Mulvaney’s Telephone number is 07580 308203.

Both of us will be more than happy to answer any queries anybody may have.

Incidentally, for anyone wishing to contribute to this Development, the Bank Account Details are below or visit our GoFunding Page at

NatWest Bank
5185 3353

Kind Regards,

Yours Faithfully,

Mike Cox

Trevor Mulvaney